Why our marketing efforts fail

Marketing strategies

The lack of a marketing strategy or a poorly planned strategy will not only cost you money, but the failure to achieve results will also make you believe that your product or service is not in demand.

I’m not going to discuss marketing strategies, because you can perform a web search for such strategies and you will find millions of results. Simply pick one that you may find effective and roll with it.

Here are some pointers of what should be included in a good marketing strategy:

  • What are the activities you are going to undertake? videos, social media posts, email marketing, pamphlets, events, etc.
  • A good strategy is also a strategy that can change quickly (online vs print usually has a big debate around this)
  • Be very clear in who will be doing what, if you like many others employ a social media marketing agency, make sure that they know what you expect from them.
  • Who will be your audience? Are you targeting potential customers that have never heard of you or are you targeting customers that have purchased from you in the hope that they make purchase other products from you too? These are two vastly different strategies.
  • How will you be measuring the success of your efforts? How will you know if your marketing strategy works?


On a final note, how are you collecting data? A big ROI from marketing campaigns is the data you will be collecting such as names, email addresses, etc. Remember that your marketing campaign must inform the customer that you are collecting data. This data belongs to you and not your social media marketer, but this will follow in a later post. Happy marketing!