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How to get a free loyalty app for your business

Enhance your customer loyalty

The post Covid-19 business environment has not only made it so much harder for business to survive, it has also opened doors to customers that have spend so much time online that they are much more savvy when it comes to from whom, when, where and how they buy.

Appify Mobile now offers established businesses a free, no obligation, customer loyalty app.  With a loyalty app business can make sure that returning customers are duly rewarded with various ways of discounts or freebies.
The out-of-the-box app offers not only the loyalty app functions but also the important extras such as contact information and links to social media.
For businesses that does want a bit more there are options to add additional features (at a very reasonable price.  The free app is only published on Google Play Store and business can have their app on the Apple Store or have a Progressive Web App option that allows older phones and other devices like Huawei, Windows and Blackberry  to also access the features.

How to get your free app development

Join Appify Mobiles unique Rewards Program.  The program enables you to collect points up to a stage where you can exchange your points to cover the initial development and even get the additional development done at no cost.